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Quicksilver Flo-Torq II

Discussion in 'The Prop Doctor' started by kipp, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. kipp

    kipp Special Operations BBM Staff Member

    Apr 3, 2009
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    Lake Sinclair Ga

    Flo-Torq II

    Protect Your Investment with Flo-Torq II
    When it comes to propeller technology, only Quicksilver knows what it takes to make the best prop and prop systems. That’s because for more than 70 years, we have been designing and building the best propellers available anywhere. And it is this knowledge and experience that has led us to create the Flo-Torq II.

    To put it simply, with the Flo-Torq II System, Quicksilver Propellers® now become compatible with and can increase the performance of almost all marine engines.

    But that’s only the beginning. Because it is specially designed to reduce slippage, yet still flex during engine shifting, the Flo-Torq II cushions and protects the drivetrain from most impacts.

    Plus, the Flo-Torq II System also provides unmatched corrosion protection – giving you peace of mind and the freedom to make the most of your time on the water.

    Shift Shock
    The Flo-Torq II System is more flexible than competitive hub systems and thus minimizes stress on the engine, engine drive and propeller when the engine is shifted into gear.

    When large underwater obstructions are encountered, the Delrin sleeve of the Flo-Torq II System is designed to "break away" following impact, ensuring that damage to the engine, engine drive and propeller is kept to a minimum. And better yet, the sleeve can easily be replaced by you! Competing hub systems take longer to break away after impact, increasing the risk of major damage to both the engine and the drive.

    Prop Sleeve
    At the heart of the Flo-Torq II System, Quicksilver uses brass and Delrin – an advanced, noncorrosive plastic from DuPont® – that virtually eliminate any opportunity for hub corrosion. In comparison, competitor systems use brass, aluminum and plastic components – resulting in a higher probability that the parts will corrode and fuse together. Thus making propeller replacement almost impossible.
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